OISE Young Learners Should Be Called Out for Its Fraud

OISE claims to have offered intensive English language training for students and has been in operation since 1973. The school has seen thousands of students pass through its doors in the last four decades and they market themselves as aiming for intensive study and teaching to grow children and learners in English.

Their goal however as seen by the way management runs the service is not to provide learning services, but to milk parents from as much money as they can before their scam is figured out. From the way they treat their students to the way they manipulate their teaching staff, OISE is a prime example of businesses existing to solely fleece customers of their hard-earned cash. For a company that sells itself on recruitment services for people from all over the world with a promise to great teaching and great earnings, it cannot be ignored that they are not even remotely near to a teaching institution that cares about welfare.

The hostel and living conditions housing students from all over the world with the promise of better experience conditions is absolute crap. Why they charge so much money and don’t utilize it in making the study experience better is a topic that should be investigated. Although it is a corporation which s in this for the money, there are certain codes that govern teaching and learning, and these should be strictly adhered to. Why hasn’t OISE come under the scrutiny of the authorities? Why does it seem like they are operating with impunity?

The management has been blamed severally for being aloof and ignorant to the plight of its teachers and students. With the amount of money they charge for tuition and hostel, you’d expect the school to at least provide better accommodation for its students. The complaints have gone on for years and they don’t seem likely to be addressed anytime soon.

The school boasts English language training ecosystem that is actually a far cry from what was promised. There are many Russian speakers on the campus and one would be forgiven to think that they had travelled to Moscow. Both teaching staff and students are largely drawn from Russia which beats the point of advertising yourself as an English language environment. Maybe there is a Russian connection in the background of OISE? All these are questions we need to ask ourselves before we forget that parents are spending valuable cash to educate their children in such terrible conditions.

The management of OISE needs to be asked what they are doing to better their services both for staff and students. What is OISE doing to make sure that they are best utilizing the profits they get from hard-earned parent cash? How do such terrible buildings exist in such a prime location especially when they are housing minors and children? As a parent, think twice before sending your child to OISE (OISE House, Oxford OX2 0EY).

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