Review of MasterPapers Writing Services

There are many academic writing agencies online offering their services to students who may not be able to work on their assignments for many reasons. Be it lacking time, or inadequate writing and language skills, you can still submit a paper of exceptional quality. But just how much do you know about the site you’re about to choose for your writing needs? is one of the leading service providers in the industry, and they pride themselves as the providers of writing assistance that would guarantee students value for their money. However, before you choose to order a paper from them, it would be ideal if you get to understand the kind of services they offer. This is the best way in which you can know what to expect of them.

Here’s an informative MasterPapers review to guide you as you make your choice.

Master Papers review

A Walkthrough of the Company and Its Services

According to the website, the specialists majorly focus on offering expert assistance in paper writing to students of different academic levels and institutions. Also, the agency prides itself as one of the few organizations that hire talented writers who are native English speakers and have high academic qualifications, experience, and know-how of different subjects. Furthermore, they also boast of robust resources, which give them the capability to work on different requirements. So I had to research and place my order on the site to confirm all these.

The first thing I noted is that the company has different categories of services related to academic writing. These include undergraduate term papers, college and high school essays, graduate/post-graduate research papers, resumes, dissertations, Ph.D. theses, grant applications, business plans, persuasive speeches, and much more. Moreover, they also help clients work on book reports while providing editing, proofreading, copywriting, and web development services. The thing is that only a reliable company can be so diverse.

Similar to most standard service providers, the paper format is 250 words for every page (double space), and 500 words per page (single space option). Additionally, their clients also enjoy free reference and title pages under the available writing styles.

MasterPapers Review of the Additional Features

As I placed my order on this site, I had several additional features to choose from. Note that all these are paid for. They include:

  • Make my order high priority

This feature means that the paper will be immediately assigned to one of the best available writers. The amount clients pay for this privilege is $9.99.

  • Assigning a top-notch writer knowledgeable on the specific subject

By selecting this feature, I can be sure that my assignment was being handled by a qualified expert. This gave me an assurance that the paper will be completed early and in line with my stated requirements. To enjoy this, I paid $10.48.

  • Plagiarism report

To get a paper written from scratch and being free from any instances of plagiarized text, I had to pay an additional $14.99.

  • Text message updates

With this feature, I could be updated via SMS on any progress on my order. So I didn’t have to keep coming back and confirming anything about the order.

What’s the Pricing Model of the Site Like?

This is a crucial part of this MasterPapers review. Indeed, it’s true that the rates you’ll pay for their services may not be the lowest in the market. However, it’s worth noting that finding reputable services that are too cheap may not be possible. With the user experience, I got from the site, I would conclude that I got value for my money.

The prices charged on writing services vary depending on the deadline, academic level, type of work, and the number of pages. For a maximum deadline of seven days, you’ll be charged at least $16.95 per page. A minimum of 24 hours deadline will cost you a relatively higher amount of $28.95. Note that these amounts are for college papers. Graduate assignments are charged differently and may vary in the range of $17.95 – $29.95. Business school, on the other hand, would cost you between $19.95 – $31.95, amounts, which also vary with the deadline. The same rates apply to Law and Medical School papers.

Notably, they offer a discount of 5% if I ordered articles in the range of 30-60 pages. For 60-119 pages, the discount is 10%, and for orders of over 120 pages, you’re entitled to 15% off the order price.

How Does the Customer Service Look Like?

This is also a crucial segment of any online writing services review I make. In this case, the customer service representatives were always ready to provide any guidance regardless of the time. They addressed any hurdle I faced throughout the process and any issue that came up. In general, they did a great job, and any issue I raised was dealt with quickly and entirely.

Do They Have an Attractive Bonus System?

Typical of standard writing service, the site also offers bonuses. The interesting part is that it doesn’t just go one way since writers and clients receive bonuses. I offered a bonus to the writer for writing an excellent paper – the amount that wasn’t deducted by the site. On the other hand, I also got a bonus immediately I ordered my first assignment. At the same time, the clients who order with this site regularly can use the accumulated bonus amounts to pay for other orders.

My Take of the Services and Paper Quality

To conclude this review, I would confidently claim that this is the site to go for. Based on my experience working with them, I believe that students can rely on these service provider. Place an order with them today and give us your feedback.


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